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  • How do I book a hunt?
  • You can easily register your interest in a hunt via one of the hunting ground profiles. Click on the hunt that interests you, choose the date you want, who you want to hunt with, add any additional information and then send the request. When a hunt request is sent the host of that hunt can see your profile and anyone you've invited along. If the hunting host approves your request we will contact you and you will then have the opportunity to confirm the booking. It then becomes binding.

  • I can't find a hunt that interests me?
  • We have a large network of hunting ground and can arrange most things that you may want. If you do not find a hunt that suits your taste please contact us at and we do our best to put together a hunting experience just for you!

  • Can I book hunts for several people?
  • Absolutely! When you're at the booking bok you can add your friends on Hektar to join you on the hunt. These are automatically approved so make sure you discuss it with them before making the request. If you hunting friends are not on Hektar then you can add them anyway and send them an invitation link. They will need to follow the link and register an account before they can accept your invitation. Once that's done your request will be sent to the hunting host.

  • How do I get in touch with the hunting host?
  • Once your request has been approved by the hunting host and your booking confirmed we will put you in touch with each other.

  • Do I need a hunting permit to book a hunt?
  • Yes, in order for your request to be approved we will need to make sure that we have verified the hunting permit of all participants of the hunt. To verify the hunting permit we also need to verify your identity which is why we ask for you to also provide us with a copy of your hunting licence or ID.

  • What equipment do I need for hunting?
  • Equipment varies depending on the hunt and the season. Weapons will always need to match the game you are hunting and clothing should be adapted to how you hunt. If there are any special requirements then the hunting host will usually announce this when the booking is confirmed.

  • How long does a hunt last?
  • Hunts vary in length depending on the type of hunt. Stalk and stand hunting for example often take place during the morning or evening. Usually the hunting time is best optimised for when the game is most active.

  • I want to hunt over several days, is that possible?
  • Several hunting grounds offer accommodation and the possibility of hunting over several days. On these grounds you often get the opportunity to hunt several different types of game so that you get the most out of your stay. Look for hunting grounds that display the 'Accomodation' tag. Alternatively, you can always contact us directly at and we will tailor a hunting experience just for you!

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