Game management of the future

With digital tools and proven models, we take your hunting and game management into the next generation.

Hektar was founded
Land owner
50 st
Created value
200 000

What we offer

Hunting agency.
We help you sell your hunt through our digital platform which gives you exposure to serious hunters. We make sure that you reach the right target group and get the right price.
We help you present your hunting ground and your hunts nicely. All to make it as attractive as possible for hunters to visit your land.
Regardless of whether you want to sell larger drive hunts to companies or have help with the protection hunting, we are a solid partner in developing a strategy for you to achieve your goals.
Hunt leader
We offer hunt leaders and experienced hunters who can help organize the hunt. A popular service that makes organizing and selling hunts easier.
Game inventory.
We work with new methods and models so that you can get an idea of what the game population looks like on your land and thus be able to make data-driven decisions about how game management should be managed.
Lease index.
To avoid conflicts, we as an independent party can come in and make an objective estimate of the value of the hunting lease, based on what the expected damage to land and forest is and based on the conditions of the game on the ground.